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What are the type of landscape lighting

Author: 超级管理员 Time:2021-11-22 20:18:29 Read:121

Landscape lighting is not only itself has a high ornamental, but also key to the beauty of the art creative lamp and tourist attractions in human history, the surrounding environment harmony. Landscape lamp manufacturer for us to introduce the type of landscape lighting:

1, big small and medium-sized landscape lamp: 4 to 8 meters high, the day is a scene, night lights on the prominent landscape and lighting effects of two layers of the desired effect, some of them are a kind of color: gas, careful and meticulous.

2, pavement road street: generally two meters in height 6-1, the choice of standards because the road road lamp height must be in harmony with right, through the search found bend road road lamp if high enough cases may is not very good.

3, buried lights, 2.5 4 meters high, is very rich and colorful style, enterprise scale is the key to themselves for use in a wide range, the key for small area and some scenic spots.

4, buried lamp: height: 0.5-0.8 meters, style widely, to deck type lighting, can serve as a supplementary lighting equipment, some related rules between the lawn light is not too high a place for the auxiliary lighting equipment.

5, buried lights, buried lights: light source to growth, through different surface cover, regulate the direction of the light source, for example as pillars, flowers and plants and other light source to up. According to the grass or unique graphic design direction etc. Add a cover to nearby light sources.

6, according to tree lights, machinery and equipment in flowers and plants nearby, there are few dedicated at the lighting, buried lamp, project-light lamp can also ensure that such anticipated effect.

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